Social Security Disability Lawyer Massachusetts(Hanover, MA)

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an amazing system that offers monthly support to individuals, if they have restricted abilities in finding employment, mainly due to a disability. Most people who are covered under the social security disability insurance law have physical disabilities. Welcome to Ladas Law Firm, where renowned Attorney J. Stephen Ladas aims to help people obtain SSDI benefits. We can handle the case and complete all the paperwork, which is typically quite complicated and overwhelming. We will check the reasons why your application has been denied, and we will help with the reconsideration process, which must be initiated within 60 days of a denial. Contact Information: Ladas Law Firm, P.C. 90 Rockland Street, Suite 4 Hanover, MA 02339 USA Phone: (781) 829-9191 E-mail: